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Plentee Good Stuff is a family-owned beauty business that sells natural skin, hair and body care. They create pre-made and customizable beauty products that are non-toxic and safe for a variety of skin and hair types. 

Most of their products are sold locally and by word-of-mouth. As their customer base has grown, customers have asked for the ability to shop online. I designed and developed with this website to accommodate existing customers and promote the brand to new customers.

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Design considerations

Product photography wasn't ready.

Online stores normally rely on product photography that is crisp and consistent. The client wasn't ready with high-quality photography, so we decided to work around it. I designed the website similar to a restaurant menu, with clear pricing & product ingredients, and descriptions.

Their unique value - natural, non-toxic ingredients.

Natural ingredients are very important to the brand, so I highlighted them by allowing customers to filter products by ingredient in the sidebar. Ingredients are also prominent on the product page.


Customizable products

Customers can choose their base product (e.g. Whipped Shea Butter) and add up to two essential oils or fragrances to their order.

Tech Stack / Plugins Used

  • WooCommerce
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Oxygen Builder


Integrate blog content

As the client produces more blog content, we will revisit the blog design, especially by featuring video and other content in the sidebar.

Added product photos

Product archives will be redesigned with product images.

What clients say

A great communicator.

Dayna is really great to work with. She has great technical skill with WordPress, and she is also a great communicator. She responds quickly and meets every deadline. I will definitely hire her for more projects.

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